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Sure Legs Table Extensions are made to last and withstand any occasion.

In honor of Erik (Designer and Husband), we have changed the look of Sure Legs.  Erik was proud of his service time in the United States Army as a Paratrooper.  The Sure Legs are Army Khaki, which is fitting to the man who created them in our garage one evening before leaving for a big cooking show in Pennsylvania.  Erik was a great father and loved to tinker in the garage on projects.

We are a family owned business who believes in customer service.  We created Sure Leg Table Extensions to relieve more than back pain but also give you a table at countertop height anywhere.

  • If you are a vendor at Farmer's Markets you will love Sure Legs, customers stay around longer and shop.
  • If you are an office manager, you will love having the extra workspace.
  • If you are a teacher, you can rise a table up to make a workstation or a standing desk.
One of our customers who teaches in Boston had been looking for a raised-up table for the front of his classroom.  I was shocked when said he had found tables priced as high as $500.  With Sure Leg Table Extensions, this gentleman paid $38.97 for the 12" Sure Legs and purchased an H-Leg table for $48 that he transformed into a risen table.

We want you to get the right size the first time!

Do not hesitate to call Sheila Rae - 517.610.1467 for assistance.


We make Sure Legs for you at
48125 211th Street White, SD 57276 

They are typically shipped within one or two work days mainly using U.S. Postal Service Flat Rate Boxes.  Some of the longer Sure Legs and larger orders are shipped from us to you by UPS Ground.  If you have a preference, call Sheila Rae and make arrangements.