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10" SureLegs - Table Risers

Sheila Rae, LLC

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SureLegs - Table Risers are an innovative way to make "H" and "Wishbone" Leg tables the perfect height.  BUY A PRODUCT THAT SAVES YOUR BACK!  

Our quality SureLegs come in sets of 4 and are made of Heavy Gauge Steel to last. We finish the SureLegs off with a high-quality rubber non-skid tip to provide extra stability. Note: Table heights may vary slightly due to the contour of your tables' legs.

Reinforce without shaking, they actually make tables more stable.

3 Steps To Find The Right SureLegs - Table Risers:

  • Step 1:  Measure your table leg from the floor to the first bend.  
  • Step 2:  Subtract that number from 29 (which is the height of your table).
  • Step 3:  Decide how high you want your table and order the appropriate SureLeg - Table Risers.

Example:  A 29" table with a 4" (table leg bend) will raise your table up to 35" with our standard 10" SureLegs.  

We make other sizes to fit your needs.  If you have any trouble finding the perfect height, please do not hesitate to contact

Sheila Rae, Customer Service - 517.610.1467

Note:  Watch our demonstration video to see an example of "H" or "Wishbone" Leg tables, because they do not work on straight or square legged tables.  Watch the Sure Legs Video